ADI and DSA Approved!

You’ll be glad to know that I’m a fully qualified and DSA approved Driving Instructor – that means I’m registered with the Driving Standards Authority. I’ve passed advanced practical and theoretical driving tests as well as having proved my ability to teach other people, and of course, I’ve been CRB checked for your safety. It means that you can be reassured I know what I’m doing (I get to display a snazzy green badge in my car to prove it) and that I’m committed to what I do. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve maintained a brilliant pass rate – 7 out of 10 of my pupils pass first time.


What’s Involved in My Driving Lessons?

A flexible approach is important and I tailor each lesson to the individual. There are no set timescales; the pace of the course will be set by how quickly you master the skills. There is no point in rushing through everything without making sure you are confident in each and every task.


I’m Always Looking for Ways to Improve My Driving Lessons

I have hundreds of passes and most of my learners are passing with minimum faults. Recently, one of my learners scored “zero faults” in their driving test.


My name is Nick Topping, I have a passion for teaching people how to drive, bringing my own approach and expertise to the learner drivers of South Manchester.

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